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Freeview is a digital service that allows you to watch extra channels via your TV aerial. You don't need a dish, and there's no subscription - all you need is a Freeview set-top box. Most telephone providers will provide you with one of these as part of their packages. Alternatively, we can get one to you.


Freesat is a non-subscription TV service using a small black mesh satellite dish. The channels are very similar to Freeview. This system is great for customers who can't receive a reliable Freeview service and it also has the BBC and ITV HD channels available if your TV is HD ready.

What are Freesat & Freeview? What do you need to get them?

Our Freeview installation gives you the option of a range of different packages. Whilst some of the cheaper Freeview boxes do a perfectly acceptable job of receiving TV, there are certain features that may cost a little extra but are well worth looking out for. The first aspect to check is whether or not the unit supports the full range of channels. Some of the older designs won't give you the entire range of new stations.


We supply and install all of the current Freesat boxes. We can also install just the dish only if you have the receiver box or a Freesat TV.

Wolverhampton's favourites for Freesat

A digital TV box with remote and cables

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